All Arts, All Ages!


That's right! We try to allow creativity to move to its own beat! Different artists and age ranges have different media of choice, so we work hard to find ways we can compliment those artists when they arrive in such beautiful diversity. Whether its aligning the community with classes they're interested in, or throwing them a mic and letting them use our stage, the possibilities start and end with the individual. Join the arts today and create your community.


Visual Arts

We offer many different venues for visual artists at CNY Arts Center. We have exhibit space being filled year round, with community space to display and sell their work. We often get information on vending opportunities and frequently receive inquiries on commissioned work, which we then forward to our artists! We hope there's some way we can help you on your journey.


Performing Arts

We have a stage so we use it! We produce mainstage productions year round that include Broadway style musicals, dramas, and comedies for all ages that delight our audiences. Our new space gives us a 2nd stage for comedy and improv, music events and informal work.


Literary Arts

We like to celebrate authors and aspiring writers at CNY Arts Center! That's why we host a once monthly writer's cafe where the community can get together, share work, network, and talk about their current projects. We also host Author Spotlights to showcase new authors, give their book exposure, and learn the intentions behind their work. Join the discussion today. Newcomers welcome!


Culinary Arts

We've held culinary art classes since we first started offering programs in the arts, and we haven't stopped offering yummy treats since! There's something great about getting to eat your creation! We frequently offer classes in food presentation and basic to advanced cooking instructions. If you're into learning a new skill while having delicious fun, check out our culinary classes!